Uncharted Play & The Play Fund: Play to better the world

Uncharted Play & The Play Fund: Play to better the world

October 15, 2012  |  Products

Soccer is a very accessible sport. You only need a ball and some makeshift goals and you’ve got yourself a match. Jessica O. Matthews (@Jess_O_Matt) and Julia Silverman (@Jules_or_JSil) founded Uncharted Play because they saw an opportunity in those scenes of children playing with make-shift soccer balls in the developing world.

They saw energy bouncing around in those balls, waiting to be unleashed by every pass, dribble and shot. SOccket was born, a ball which captures energy through an inductive coil mechanism. This meant that children could use the ball in after school soccer games and use the ball to power a reading light at night to study. Uncharted Play was not done with the sOccket and have now introduced the Ludo, a soccer ball which will help the rest of us do good through our playtime.


The Ludo does not store electricity, but rather, potential for social change. The folks over at Uncharted Play imagine a new online giving platform called The Play Fund. This video helps explain the process:

The Ludo ball is made from material similar to Crocs footwear so you know it’ll take whatever punishment you will throw at it. At the same time, the Ludo is designed to meet the specifications of a premium soccer ball. However, unlike the sOccket, the Ludo will not generate electricity, but rather “play points.”

What are play points worth you ask? Well, that will depend on you.


Uncharted Fund has “game-ified” philanthropy with its Play Fund. With play points generated from the Ludo, you can sign onto the Play Fund and choose a project you want to support. Once a project is funded, Uncharted Play’s implementation partners complete the project!

Co-founder Jessica Matthews calls the Play Fund “a socially oriented Kickstarter that is gamified.” Projects could include school supplies, food, or vaccines and are funded by purchases of the ludo as well as funding from corporate sponsors. The Play Fund allows Ludo owners to create personalized social impact through play and we find that to be an amazing concept.

The Ludo will be released November 7th with an excited price of $59.99. The beta of the Play Fund will be launching the same day.


Source: FastCoExist

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