LSTN: Amplifying impact with each beautiful pair of headphones

LSTN: Amplifying impact with each beautiful pair of headphones

October 21, 2013  |  Products

Headphones emblazoned with the LSTN brand are, if anything, beautiful. Crafted from reclaimed wood in deeply satisfying shades of ebony, cherry, and beech, these headphones excite you before you even put them on. They’re also exciting because of what the company supports — improving the lives of the millions worldwide who are hearing impaired.


Headphones are a very personal product. People get emotional over the things. You ¬†have a far ranging market too — from Beats by Dre to high-end audiophile affairs made from exotic materials. They’re the gatekeepers to our most beloved tracks and anyone who’s had a bad pair of headphones can tell you how important they are to the experience.

Enter LSTN. They hate vowels and they are out to create an affordable, attractive, socially-innovative headphone option. While these pairs may not be for the pure audiophiles out there, these are fine headphones for the rest of us who may not have ascended the aural ladder yet. LSTN offers three products: the over-the-ear Troubadours, The travel-ready Fillmores, and the in-ear Bowerys. Check out the Troubadours in this 360 degree video:


It just makes sense that a socially-responsible headphone company would give back by helping to restore hearing to those who need it. According to LSTN, there are 275 million people worldwide who are hearing impaired. Global need? Check. In addition, 95 percent of children in deaf schools worldwide can be helped with just a hearing aid. Low cost, high impact? Check.

To address this need, LSTN works with the Starkey Hearing Foundation (A philanthropic arm of Starkey Hearing Technologies) to advance what they call their “Giving Back. Amplified” program. For every pair of headphones sold, LSTN will help restore hearing to someone in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Good stuff. LSTN has not only found a cause that is intricately tied to their business, but has done away with less impactful percentage-of-sales donation models that just don’t have the same social impact “umph” as saying: “Buy a pair of headphones, give someone the miracle of hearing.”

Can it get any clearer than the following diagram?

It’s time to replace those sub-par headphones that came with your phone, move onto something better, and help someone restore their sense of hearing. Help someone finally hear the voice of his/her loved ones and finally understand the joy that is music. This is what impact looks like:


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